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Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 21667005
Closing Date 25 - Feb - 2017  |  Closing today View Tender Details
Supply of Juice Heater of 250 m2 H.S. without Tubes – 1,Sulphur Burner 70 Kgs.- 1,Vacuum Crystalfizer 40 MT. for ‘A’ Pan.- 1,Mill imbibition water flow Jumbo Display -1 No. 5) Lime grit separator suitable for 3500 TCD with byepass arrangement -1 No. #*. Increasing the pan vapour space height to by 600 mm - 5 Nos,Increasing the heigth of receiving Crystaflizer- 4 Nos.. #*. Replacement of Economiser Coils of 14 TPH Boiler having MR 7921. #*.Reshelling of 30’ x 60’ Mtfi Rollers. #*. Remelting molding & machining of G. M. Bearing. #*.Stress reliving of Fibrizer Hammer. #*.Overhauling, servicing, testing & refiling of Mill Hydraulic system. #*. Overhauling, servicing & repairing of Centralies Lubriction System. #*. Ultrasonic Testing & D.P. Testing of various equipments shafts. Bolts etc. #*.Overhauling servicing & repairing of KSB pump. #*.Overhauling, servicing, repairing & commissioning of Air compressors. #*. Overhauling, servicing & repairing of KPT make Air Blowers. #*.Overhauling, servicing & repairing of Krupp make KB-1750 Kg/charge centrifugal machines. #*.Testing & certification of pressure vessels & lifting tools & tackles.#*.Dismantling, Fabrication & Erection of M.S. structure & M.S. Pipe of various sizes. #*.RemeBting & moulding of gunmetal scrap. #*. Conditioning Monitoring Programme of various rotating equipments. #*.Computerised dynamic balancing of various equipments. #*.Overhauling, servicing, repairing & commissioning of existing continuous sulphur burner temprature indicating system. #*.Overhauling, seividng, re-commissioning of auto immbition water system & auto cane feed control system. #*. Overhauling, servicing & repairing of 320 KVA & 200 KVA D. G. Set. #*. Repairing, overhauling, servicing, calibration & commissioning of Sugar Silo Control Panel. #*.Overhauling, servicing, repairing, calibration & commissioning of 1750 Kg/charge C/F machine Control Panel. #*. OS Stratton & testing of transformer & static AVR Oil. #*.Overhauling, servicing, testing & commissioning of 1.5 MW Co-gen relay, protection panel, synchronizing panel, out door breaker Panel, OLTC & panel. #*. Shifting of batch type centrifugal machines - 500 KgVcharge - 2 Nos. & 650 Kgfcharge -1 No. from Jawahar S.S.S.K. Ltd., Hupari to Shriram J.S.S.S. Udyog. Phattan with erection & commissioning includedmech., electrical & instrument parts. #*. Shifting of continuous C/F machine for B - 1100 Kg from Jawahar S.S.K Ltd.. Hupari to ShriramJ.S.S.S. Udyog. Phaltan with erection & commissioning - 1 No.#*. Shifting of 20 MT. Conti. Pan for'B" from Jawahar S.S.S.K.Ltd., Huparito Shriram J.S.S.S. Udyog. Phaltan vwth erection & commissioning -1 No. #*. Re-conditioning of existing 114 M* Clarifier-1 No. #*. Supply of items : MiH Spares, Fabricated Chain & Spares, Transmission chain & chan spares, Cast steel valves.,IBR approval valves, C.l. Sluice Valves., C.l. Globe. Audco & Right angle Valves, G.M.Valves, Pump spares,KSB Make Boiler feed pump spares., Spares for Chicago Pneumatic/ Kirioskar make Air Compressors, Spares for Gear Box, Special purpose welding rods, General purpose welding rod. 15) Welding Accessories,Brass Cner, S.S. Wire Netting & Nickel Screen, SKF make Ball Bearing, Spares for Thyssen Krupp make C/F machine, Spares for B/w makes Batch type C/F Machine,Spares for continuous C/F machine, Decorative & Chemical paints, M.S. pipe & fittings, Steel material, General Hardware material, M.S. Nut Bolt & Washer, Jointing Sheets & Jointing material, Steel & Nylon Wire Rope. U Clamp, D Shakle & Chain block, S.S.Plate, S.S. Tubes, Rubber Hose pipe,V Belts, Work Shop Tools & Tackles,Tube Cleaning material,Syn. Rubber Bushing & Oil Seals, Rubber Goods (As per Drawing),Rubber Tyre & C.l. Coupling, Pressure & Temperature gauges, C.l. V. Pufly, Worm wheel & Pinion, FRP Pipe & fitting, Klinger make Gauge glass & Toughened site glass, C.l. sounders valve, Refractory Material. Tiles & Brixs. 43) General Electrical Material, L & T make Switch Gear material, Siemens Make Switch Gear material, Copper Carbon Brushes, Bullock Cans Spares, Tyre & Tubes for Bullock Carts, Cane Harvesting Knives, Bamboo Mats. 51) Chive (Bamboo/Meskati),Lab Chemicals & Appratus,Spares for Silo Machine, Oil & Lubricants,Special Purpose grease for 30* x 60' MiH journal bearing & gear train bearing pedestal lubrication, Turkey Red Oil (Defomar), Ortho Phospheric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), Caustic Soda Flex,Hydrogen Peroxide,Washing Soda, Micro Biological.
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