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Sector Agro Products Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 22104561
Closing Date 22 - Mar - 2017  |  8 Days ago View
Purchase of stores & spares for our 2500 TCD sugar mill for the off season maintenance Materials :- Chain spares, Mill spares, Industrial paints, Electrodes & Welding materials, Pumps & spares, High flow pumps/Massecuite, Magma pumps & spares, Tools & tackles, Bearings, V-Belts, Electric goods ?ghting materials, spares of L&T and siemens, G.M., CI, & casting material, Hardware, Mill trash plate, scrapper plate, Air compressor spares, FRP pipes, Rubber goods, Pipe & Pipe ?ttings, iron & Steel, Jointing & Packing, Vacuum ?lter spares, C/F M/C spares, Refractory material, Brass & SS tubes, Boiler furnace parts, Cane leveler knives, valves, Turbine spares, Fibrizer hammer tips, Boiler super heater coils, economizer coils & boiler air heater tubes replacement IBR work, Boiler instrumentation & automation, Boiler gauge glass assembly, C.S. mill bearing housing, Centralized mill lubrication system-Mill roller stationary ?anges, Mass ?ow meter, Cane Unloader trolley with grab. Planatory gear boxes, Power capacitor & APFC panel, Clear juice heater DCH, Evaporators ll body 600 M2, Sulphur burner, Trap iron separators of hoppers, Electronic tripping system for turbines VFD drives. #*. Roller Reshelling work, turbine, Air compressor, DC drives, Boiler. civil Work, Fabrication works, Ultrasonic testing, Dynamic balancing, Leveler hub & ?brizer hub replacement work, Boiler dumping grate replacement work, Stress relieving & case hardening of mill roller shaft, Rearrangement of vapour line at pan floor.
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 21667005
Closing Date 25 - Feb - 2017  |  33 Days ago View
Supply of Juice Heater of 250 m2 H.S. without Tubes – 1,Sulphur Burner 70 Kgs.- 1,Vacuum Crystalfizer 40 MT. for ‘A’ Pan.- 1,Mill imbibition water flow Jumbo Display -1 No. 5) Lime grit separator suitable for 3500 TCD with byepass arrangement -1 No. #*. Increasing the pan vapour space height to by 600 mm - 5 Nos,Increasing the heigth of receiving Crystaflizer- 4 Nos.. #*. Replacement of Economiser Coils of 14 TPH Boiler having MR 7921. #*.Reshelling of 30’ x 60’ Mtfi Rollers. #*. Remelting molding & machining of G. M. Bearing. #*.Stress reliving of Fibrizer Hammer. #*.Overhauling, servicing, testing & refiling of Mill Hydraulic system. #*. Overhauling, servicing & repairing of Centralies Lubriction System. #*. Ultrasonic Testing & D.P. Testing of various equipments shafts. Bolts etc. #*.Overhauling servicing & repairing of KSB pump. #*.Overhauling, servicing, repairing & commissioning of Air compressors. #*. Overhauling, servicing & repairing of KPT make Air Blowers. #*.Overhauling, servicing & repairing of Krupp make KB-1750 Kg/charge centrifugal machines. #*.Testing & certification of pressure vessels & lifting tools & tackles.#*.Dismantling, Fabrication & Erection of M.S. structure & M.S. Pipe of various sizes. #*.RemeBting & moulding of gunmetal scrap. #*. Conditioning Monitoring Programme of various rotating equipments. #*.Computerised dynamic balancing of various equipments. #*.Overhauling, servicing, repairing & commissioning of existing continuous sulphur burner temprature indicating system. #*.Overhauling, seividng, re-commissioning of auto immbition water system & auto cane feed control system. #*. Overhauling, servicing & repairing of 320 KVA & 200 KVA D. G. Set. #*. Repairing, overhauling, servicing, calibration & commissioning of Sugar Silo Control Panel. #*.Overhauling, servicing, repairing, calibration & commissioning of 1750 Kg/charge C/F machine Control Panel. #*. OS Stratton & testing of transformer & static AVR Oil. #*.Overhauling, servicing, testing & commissioning of 1.5 MW Co-gen relay, protection panel, synchronizing panel, out door breaker Panel, OLTC & panel. #*. Shifting of batch type centrifugal machines - 500 KgVcharge - 2 Nos. & 650 Kgfcharge -1 No. from Jawahar S.S.S.K. Ltd., Hupari to Shriram J.S.S.S. Udyog. Phattan with erection & commissioning includedmech., electrical & instrument parts. #*. Shifting of continuous C/F machine for B - 1100 Kg from Jawahar S.S.K Ltd.. Hupari to ShriramJ.S.S.S. Udyog. Phaltan with erection & commissioning - 1 No.#*. Shifting of 20 MT. Conti. Pan for'B" from Jawahar S.S.S.K.Ltd., Huparito Shriram J.S.S.S. Udyog. Phaltan vwth erection & commissioning -1 No. #*. Re-conditioning of existing 114 M* Clarifier-1 No. #*. Supply of items : MiH Spares, Fabricated Chain & Spares, Transmission chain & chan spares, Cast steel valves.,IBR approval valves, C.l. Sluice Valves., C.l. Globe. Audco & Right angle Valves, G.M.Valves, Pump spares,KSB Make Boiler feed pump spares., Spares for Chicago Pneumatic/ Kirioskar make Air Compressors, Spares for Gear Box, Special purpose welding rods, General purpose welding rod. 15) Welding Accessories,Brass Cner, S.S. Wire Netting & Nickel Screen, SKF make Ball Bearing, Spares for Thyssen Krupp make C/F machine, Spares for B/w makes Batch type C/F Machine,Spares for continuous C/F machine, Decorative & Chemical paints, M.S. pipe & fittings, Steel material, General Hardware material, M.S. Nut Bolt & Washer, Jointing Sheets & Jointing material, Steel & Nylon Wire Rope. U Clamp, D Shakle & Chain block, S.S.Plate, S.S. Tubes, Rubber Hose pipe,V Belts, Work Shop Tools & Tackles,Tube Cleaning material,Syn. Rubber Bushing & Oil Seals, Rubber Goods (As per Drawing),Rubber Tyre & C.l. Coupling, Pressure & Temperature gauges, C.l. V. Pufly, Worm wheel & Pinion, FRP Pipe & fitting, Klinger make Gauge glass & Toughened site glass, C.l. sounders valve, Refractory Material. Tiles & Brixs. 43) General Electrical Material, L & T make Switch Gear material, Siemens Make Switch Gear material, Copper Carbon Brushes, Bullock Cans Spares, Tyre & Tubes for Bullock Carts, Cane Harvesting Knives, Bamboo Mats. 51) Chive (Bamboo/Meskati),Lab Chemicals & Appratus,Spares for Silo Machine, Oil & Lubricants,Special Purpose grease for 30* x 60' MiH journal bearing & gear train bearing pedestal lubrication, Turkey Red Oil (Defomar), Ortho Phospheric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), Caustic Soda Flex,Hydrogen Peroxide,Washing Soda, Micro Biological.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value Rs. 2.34 Million approx. / 23.44 Lakh
Location Rajasthan - India Ref.No 21028940
Closing Date 21 - Jan - 2017  |  68 Days ago View
Construction/Repairing of Drain & interlocking work. Fixing of Brick on Require places.
Sector Forest Departments Tender Value N.A.
Location Chhattisgarh - India Ref.No 20964399
Closing Date 13 - Jan - 2017  |  76 Days ago View
Supply of materials – bricks / fly ash, paint / snosham, vetrified tiles etc for Construction of godown. (Scanned Image – Hindi Tender)
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