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Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 10525245
Closing Date 20 - Oct - 2014 View
Supply of Refractory Material, Pressure Suit, TRPF Roller, Continuous Centrifugal Machine, 500 KVA Copper AC Transformer, PLC Panel, CT for Relay & Electric Motor. #*. Annual Maintenance Contract of Diesel Generator Sets & Spares. #*. Repair work of AC/DCs Various Electric Panel & Card. #*. Store Handling. #*. Retubing of Boilers Air Heater, Exhaust Pipeline & Economizer & other associated works. #*. Work of Line Steam & Exhaust Pipeline. #*. Fabrication & Erection works. #*. Rewinding of Burnt Electric Motors. #*. Servicing of Alternator. #*. Lagging & Insulation works. #*. Repair of Vacuum Filters. #*. Replacement of Supporting Liner of Centrifugal Machine. #*. Various Type Civil works. #*. Providing of Computerized Sugarcane Weighing Scale & other Application Software. #*. Repair & Annual Maintenance Contract of Electronic Cane & Sugar Weighing System. #*. Supply of Weighing Scales. #*. Conversion work for Weighing Scale. #*. Construction of Weighing Scale Foundation. #*. Transportation of Weighing Scale. #*. Various Contract of Manufacturing Department. #*. Sugar Handling. #*. Labour Supply. #*. Consultancy for ETP. #*. Transportation of Sugarcane. #*. Sale of Bagasse & Press Mud. #*. Supply of Uniform Cloth & Shoes. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No 10812562
Closing Date 28 - Sep - 2014 View
#1. Supply of Refectories item. #2. Retuning of Boiler Tubes. #3. Job Fabrication work. #4. Supply of GM/CI Casting item. #5. Supply of Hard Coke/Steam Coke. #6. Ultrasonic Testing & Dynamic Balancing. #7. Supply of Industrial Gases. #8. Supply of Cane Cutting Knifes & Domite tips. #9. Supply of Vacuum Filter Spares. #10. Vacuum Filter Repairing work. #11. Supply of Centrifugal Spares. #12. Supply of Hardware item. #13. Supply of Tools & Tackles. #14. Supply of Pipe & Pipe Fitting. #15. Supply of Miscellaneous Engineering item. #16. Supply of Rubber Goods. #17. Supply of Gear, Tyre & Tyre Coupling. #18. Supply of Welding Accessories. #19. Supply of Temperature & Pressure Gauge. #20. Supply of Sugar Trolley & Huwil. #21. Supply of CI/CS/GM Valve. #22. Supply of Paints. #23. Supply of Nonferrous item. #24. Supply of Air Compressor Spares. #25. Supply of Cleaning Equipments (Manufacturing). #26. Supply of Cleaning Equipments (Engineering). #27. Supply of Copper Liner & Wire netting. #28. Supply of Consumable item for Computer. #29. Annual Repair/Maintenance of ERFC. #30. Supply of Diesel Generator Set. #31. Supply of Electrical Goods (Industrial). #32. Supply of Electrical Goods (Lighting). #33. Supply of PVC Cable. #34. Motor Rewinding. #35. Supply of Stationery item. #36. Supply of Computer Stationery. #37. Supply of Sugar Bag Closing Thread & Polypropylene Sheet. #38. Supply of Sugar Weighing Scale Spare & its Annual Repair/Maintenance. #39. Supply of Weighbridge Spare & its Annual Repair/Maintenance. #40. Supply of Bag Stitching Machines Spares. #41. Supply of Twine, Bag Marking Ink & Starch, etc. #42. Sale of Boilers Chhai/Jhanve. #43. Cleaning work of Water Shaftning Plant Injection Channel Spray Pond, Service Tank, Cane Carrier, etc. #44. Painting work of various equipments. #45. Mill Hydraulic Accumulator work. #46. Panel & Insiter work of Power Turbine. #47. Supply of Heavy Chemical & Seed Slurry. #48. Supply of Lab Chemical & Apparatus. #49. ETP Operation work. #50. Cleaning work of Production Department Equipments. #51. Ash Removal from Boilers of Mill. #52. Ash Removal by Fly Ash Arrestor & Cleaning related work. #53. Annual Repair/Maintenance of Computers UPS. #54. Battery Reconditioning work. #55. VISS Sugar related work. #56. Drayer House related work. #57. Sugar Godown related work. #58. Bagasse Balling Shifting work. #59. Loading Unloading work of Lime Carbon. #60. Loading Unloading work of Sulfur. #61. Loading Unloading work of Gunny Bag. #62. Insulation/Lagging work. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 11601687
Closing Date 17 - Sep - 2014 View
Supply of metal, sand, muroom, stone dust, cement, fursh, tiles, stone, brick. #*. Providing of mixture machine. #*. Hiring of JCB machine, hydra machine, plate vibrator. #*. Supply of GI sheet, AC sheet, fiber sheet, MS pipe & syntax door. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana - India Ref.No 11745709
Closing Date 11 - Sep - 2014 View
Supply of CI Valves, SS tubes. #*. Supply of colour coated Galvalume sheet & ridges Tata/Bushan, Refractory items, Nickle screens, SS Screen 6’X6’ for DSM, SS Screen-304 grade for vacuum filter, SS Zig Zag strips & brass liner, CCTV camera, various industrial paints 1st & 3rd grade, Gerger/Assian/Nerolac/Shalimar/Modi. #*. Fixing of Galvalume sheet & Ridges, Insulation & Legging on various Mill Machinery with Transportation of sulphur from IOCL. #*. Sale of Molasses 50000 qtls. #*. Sale of various scrap items.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No 11651609
Closing Date 30 - Aug - 2014 View
Supply of construction materials – brick, cement, coarse sand, morang, gitty, rod etc for Repair of drain/road. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11568136
Closing Date 26 - Aug - 2014 View
Manufacturing of iron scissor with material & labour for garage shed. #*. Work of distemper, apex, primer, oil paint & two coat with material & labour. #*. Supply of brick. #*. Providing of CC pre-cast ventilation. #*. Providing of tata galvanize sheet. #*. Fabrication of galvanize door-window with material & labour. (Scanned Image - Gujarati Tender)
Sector Forest Departments Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 11390687
Closing Date 06 - Aug - 2014 View
Supply of iron sheet, brick, gritty, sand, kota stone, cement & iron rod. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No 11311461
Closing Date 04 - Aug - 2014 View
Supply of Construction Materials – Bricks, Bricks Tiles, Bricks Bats, Bricks Ballasts, Ballast (Hard Stone), Stone Dust, Cement Portland, Cement White, MS Flat, MS Angle, MS Tee, GI Barbed wire, Iron Sheet, Ribbed tor steel, Paint, Superior ready mixed paints, Red oxide primer surface for steel, Enamel Paint, Weather coat cement paint, Water Proofing Compound, PVC Pipe, Coarse Sand, Fine Sand, Local San, Surkhi, Wood Chaukhat, Wood Planks, Fuel Wood, Glass Strips, Tiles, Kota Stone, Marble white, Bilk Bitumen, CRMB 55, Ceramic Vitrified Tiles. #*. Supply of mechanically compressed interlocking cement concrete paver blocks & control vibration machine having plan dimension with minimum 5 mm thick topping of OP cement mixed with marble powder. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana - India Ref.No 11320721
Closing Date 02 - Aug - 2014 View
Supply of Quard Body, Pumps, White Metal, Welding Electrodes, Centrifugal Machine Spare Parts, Angle & Channel, Cane Carrier Chain, Bagasse Chain & Spare Parts, Reduction Gear Box & Spare Parts, Stitching Thread, Nut Bolt & Washer, Cleaning Material, Asbestos Rope, S. S. Tube, Spare Parts & Overhauling of Power Turbine, Chain Block, Brass Screen, Nickle Screen & S.S. Wire Nutting, Spare parts & Repair of Vacuum Filter, C.S. Sprocket, C.S. Bed & P. Bronze Piston Ring, ACC/CGI Sheet, Fire Bricks. #*. Supply of P.P. Seals, Labels, Cartoon Boxes, Wooden Chips, Chemicals, Feeding of Ytooden Chips/ Bagasse, Removal of Rakhi. #*. Sale of Rectified Sprit. #*. Fabrication & Erection of Sludge Suttler. #*. Fabrication & Erection of S.S. Tank. #*. Repair of Cooling Tower/ Formenter. #*. Supply of Electrical Item ( Electrical Motor, SE Copper Wire, Cable, L&T/SKYU & Miscellaneous Item, Break System & Threaster, Hard Coke, Rubber V Belt & Tyre Coupling, D.A/ Oxygen Gas Cylinder. #*. Various Contract Job Works. #*. Supply of Prooess Chemicals, Boiler Chemicals, P.P. Liner, Bagasse/Fire Wood, Polythene Sheet, Sugar Handling. #*. Shirting of Bagasse. #*. Shifting of Press Mud. #*. Removal of Binding Material. #* Operation of E.T. P. Plant. #*. Rewinding of Electrical Motor. #*. Cleaning of Boiler Fumaoe Chamber and Mill House Bad Cooli. #*. Contract work that including lift in g of cane from Cane Yard & Donga. #*. Unloading of Lime, Sulphur, Firewood, Removal of Rakhi from Air Pollution Devices & Shifting of Sulphur. #*. Tran spoliation of Cane from Cane Center to Panipat Sugar Mill. #*. Spare Parts & Annual Maintenance Contract of Instruments. #* Refilling & Repair of Hydraulic Cylinder. #*. Sale of Molasses. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No 11022686
Closing Date 15 - Jul - 2014 View
#1. Supply of CI CS Casting, Gun Metal Bearing, Gun Metal Bearing Bush Rod, Scraper, Hydraulic Liner, CI Pipe, Pulley, Worm & Worm Wheel, etc. #2. Supply of Cane Cutting Knifes. #3. Supply of DA & Oxygen Gas. #4. Supply of Rubber Goods items. #5. Supply of Welding Accessories. #6. Supply of D-scaling equipments. #7. Supply of Refractory items. #8. Repairing & Spares of Vacuum Filter Drum. #9. Repairing & Spares of Ingersol Rend Air Compressor. #10. Supply of Hardware Miscellaneous item tools & tackles, plumber block, etc. #11. Supply of Nut Bolt Washer, etc. #12. Refilling of Hydraulic Cylinders. #13. Supply of Lighting Material. #14. Repairing, Servicing, Overhauling Annual Maintenance Contract of Power Control Card, Thirstier Control Panels. #15. Dismantling, Fitting & Erection of Boiler Tube, Super Heater Coil grill type side glass tube, etc. #16. Supply of Electrical Miscellaneous item. #17. Repair & Overhauling & Supply of Instruments. #18. Rewinding of Motors, Welding Set Submersible Motor. #19. Supply of Wire netting & SS Screen Liner. #20. Supply of Lab Chemicals. #21. Supply of Packing Material. #22. Supply of Heavy Chemicals. #23. Supply of Weighbridge Spares. #24. Supply of Tube well spares. #25. Lagging Insulation. #26. Repair/Spares of Stitching Machine/Stracker. #27. Crane Leveler Shaft Supply (45L8) & Dismantling fitting, hub, bearing, fly wheel. #28. Fabrication & Erection work. #29. Refractory work in Boiler. #30. Rising two hub in fiberizer assembly. #31. Supply of CID Fan in boiler. #32. Transportation of Sugar Cane with labour. #33. Repair & Annual Maintenance work of Electronic Computerized Weighing Scales installed on Mill Gate. #34. Construction of Weighing Scale Foundation. #*. Loading work. #*. Ramp, Hand Pump work. #*. Sinking work. #*. Construction of Labour Hut & Road. #35. Supply of Computer Plain Stationery/Pre Printed Stationery. #36. Supply of Computer Server/Load/Printer/UPS, etc. #37. Annual Maintenance Contract of Printer, Server, Gist Terminal. #38. Sale of Press mud. #39. Sugar Handling related work. #40. Bagasse Shifting/Balling related work. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
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