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Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No 17927346
Closing Date 26 - May - 2016  |  23 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Industrial Gas, Industrial & Decorative Paints, Stationery, Printing Stationery, Electric Items, Rubber Materials, Lab Chemical & Apparatus & Refractory Materials. #*. Mill Hydraulic Testing & Spare. #*. Masonry work on Boiler. #*. Rewinding of Electric Motors. #*. Supply of Cleaning Equipments & High Flow Pump Spares. #*. Vacuum Filter Repair & Spares. #*. Ultrasonic, Thickness Testing etc works. #*. Supply of Machinery Parts, Gun Metal CI Casting, Leveler Cutter Knives etc. #*. Repair of Air Compressors. #*. Dynamic Balancing work of Various Mill Machines. #*. Supply of General Store & Hardware Materials, Centrifugal Machine, Copper Liner & Wire Nettings. #*. Jointing & Repair work of Conveyor Belt. #*. Boiler/Boiling House Instrumentation. #*. Insulation & Lagging. #*. ACV & AVR Spares & Servicing. #*. Supply of Heavy Chemicals, Thread, Polythene & Tarpaulin. #*. Dismantling, Fabrication & Erection work o Boiler Tubes. #*. Annual Maintenance Contract of PLC Based, ACFC Panel & Water Igvivition System etc. #*. Operation work of ETP/Fly Ash Arrestor. #*. Dismantling, Fabrication & Erection work of Various Machinery/Equipments by Labour Rate. #*. Providing o Manpower on Contract basis. #*. Dryer House Related works. #*. Loading & Unloading work of Bags. #*. Sinking of Brown Sugar, Sugar etc. #*. Bagasse Feeding works. #*. Fly Ash Removal works. #*. Removal & Transportation of Lime Sulfur. #*. Cleaning of Juice Heater Quad Pan etc. #*. Stacking of Bagasse. #*. Stitching of Sugar Bags. #*. Repair work of Machine & Stacker. #*. Transportation of Materials. #*. Store Loading & Unloading works. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 17816226
Closing Date 23 - May - 2016  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of refractory materials, hard cock/steam coal, bamboo, CI/CS/gun metal casting, MS bolt-nut, miscellaneous hardware, pipe fittings, tools-tackles, rubber goods, vacuum filter repair & spares, tube cleaning equipments, various electric items, brass/copper supporting liner & SS wire netting. #*. Rewinding & Fabrication work of AC-DC Motors. #*. Supply of TRPF roller, electric motor, PVC cluster, spare for high flow pump, boiler feed pump, reduction gear box, santry machine, compressor, tube well, sugar bag, stitching machine, lubricator, cane cutting knife, domite tips, gun metal valve, welding accessories, industrial/decorative paint, industrial gases, instruments, CCTV camera, computer set, translate heater, rotex type solenoid valve air cylinder new matic valve, break liner, rotex valve plunger & aoring kit, condenser spray, jet nozzle, pipe, static collar, cane unloader thruster, sanitation materials, medicines, stationary, printing stationary, cement, iron, steel, #*. Supply & AMC of PLC panel. #*. Annual maintenance contract of diesel generator set & spare part. #*. Repair of electric panel & card. #*. Store handling work. #*. Retubing work of boiler air hrater, super heater & economizer. #*. Work of live steam & exhaust pipeline. #*. Servicing of alternator. #*. Lagging & insulation work. #*. Repair of centrifugal machine. #*. Replacement of hydraulic cap damage brass liner. #*. Repair / annual rate contract for intercom system, computer, ERFC etc & supply of spare parts . #*. Repair of boiler valve. #*. ultrasonic thickness testing & balancing / radiography service. #*. Cleaning & painting of mill. #*. Work of oil centrifugal.#*. Cleaning of boiler chimany & shira tank & washing & painting work. #*. Repair of lathe machine with spare parts. #*. Refilling of fire fighting extinguisher. #*. Refilling of hydraulic accumulator. #*. Civil work. #*. Supply of computerized sugarcane weighing scale & other application software. #*. Repair of electronic cane weighing system & conversion of weighting scale. #*. Supply of mechanical weigh bridge spares. #*. Construction of kota foundation. #*. Transportation of weighing scale & fitting work. #*. Supply of compression type load cell. #*. Work of hand pump for sugarcane supply canter. #*. Transportation of sugarcane. #*. Sale of various scraps & boiler clinker. #*. Sale of press mud. #*. Supply of heavy chemicals. #*. Supply, repair & AMC of electronics sugar weighing machine. #*. Supply of juice screen fabric. #*. Supply of labors. #*. Supply of packing materials. #*. Contract for manufacturer department. #*. Sugar handling. #*. Consultancy service for ETP. #*. Supply of uniforms, clothes, shoes etc. #*. Sale of bagasse. (Scanned Image – Hindi Tender)
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No 17939836
Closing Date 23 - May - 2016  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of Condemn Usable Old Bearing, MS Screen, Old Drum, Old Bags, SS Tube, MS Scrap, CI Saw Dust, Damaged Roller Shaft & Cell, Brick etc on as is where is basis. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 17928334
Closing Date 16 - May - 2016  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Chain and Chain Spares, Trash & Scraper Plates, C l. Manufacturing Items, Boiler Gauge Glasses, Boiler Bricks 4 Tiles, General Purpose 4 High Temp Grease, All Type of Valves, Pipe 4 Pipe Fittings, Hose Pipe, V Belts 4 All Types Couplings, Tools & Tackles, Welding Accessories, Mill Spares, Cane Cutting Knives/Hammer Tips, Cent/v Machine spares (KB-1250/KC-11QO/ WIL-1750), Sugar Hopper & Grader Spares, Gear Box 4 Spares, Iron & Steel, Hosting Material, Boiler Chemical Paints 4 Paints Materials, Bullock Can Spares, Stacker/Sugar Belt conveyor Spares, Mechanical Seals, Instruments Spares, Nut Bolts, Pump Spares, Welding Rods, SKF Bearings, Vacuum Filter Spares, Electrical Cable 4 Wires, Electrical Lighting Material, General Electrical Material, L & T Make Switch Gear/ Fuse / Control Gear, Cotton Waste, Technocrat! / PVSS Make Cane Unloader Spares, Spray Pond Nozzles. Pipes 4 Fittings, ETP Blower 4 Spares, Kiriosker D C Drive Spares 39) Spares for AVR. Alternators 4 Breakers 44) Fire Extinguisher, Jack well Jyoti mane V. T. Pump Spares, Supply Of C/F Pumps, D.M Plan! /Softener & Drinking Plant Spares, Co-Gen switch yard. Electrical equipments ( CT. P T ), So2 Gas Pipe Line JMD, Supply of New Planetary Gear Box with Motor, Supply of New Transient Heater (or Continuous Centrifugal Machine, High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Machine, Boiler Super Heater Colts (IBR), Boiler Water Chemicals, Oil 4 Lubricants, AC Spares, Fire Woods. #*. Supply. Erection & Commissioning of Electrical A.C. Motor with panel for Infection water Pumps, Design Fabrication. Supply, Erection 4 Commissioning of Donnell Chute Mill By Pasa systems, De-Hooking System for Cane UN-Loaders, Hydraulic / Pneumatic Operating System tor 60 MT PHI I Discharge Valves, Design. Manufacture, Supply 4 Erection of Sugar Dust Catcher, Supply. Erection, 4 Commissioning of Cane Chopper with Planetary Gear Box, Supply. Erection. 4 Commissioning of Air Compressor, Supply. Erection, ft-Commissioning of A C. Motor for Boiler feel water Pump, Design Supply, Erection. 4 Commissioning of HT Capacitors with panel for Fibroid, Supply. Erection. & Commissioning of D» Super heater Ashly for Attomporato' Header, Design, Supply. Erection. 4 Commissioning of Harmonic Filter tot H T Panel, Supply, Erection, 4 Commissioning of Two Loop Automatic pH Control System for Cane Juice Clarification. #*. Reconditioning 4 Fitting of Fibrillate Bushes 4 M.S Dtscks, Boiler Brick Work, Insulation. Lagging 4 Cladding Work, Electrical Motor (Stator 4 Rotor) Rewinding Work, Repair 4 Refilling of Fire Extinguisher Cylinders 6) High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning for Boiler Super heater 4 Turbine Condenser, G M / P.B Casings (New/Converter), Jointing of Rubber / Canvas Beits, TRPF Roller Teeth Replacement work for Ulka make Zero Mill, M S Fabrication 4 Erection Work at Various Stations, New Juice Clarifies Drive Worm Wheel 4 Shaft Replacement / Repairs, Juice Heater Coral Holder Repair Work, S02 Gas Diaphragm Valve Glass Relining Work, RCC Chimney Painting Work, Replacement of Crystallizer Water Cooled Coils In to Ribbon Type, Modification In Exhaust/ \ftpour valve sheet 4 Body, Electrical Testing IIR/ER) of Electrical Equipments in Sugar 4 Co-Gen, Reconditioning of Krupp make 1250 kg Conjugal Machine, Modification of Existing De aerator Nozzle System tor Boiler, IBR Repairs Work. #*. Repairing 4 overhauling of Air Conditioning 4 Water Cooler Units, Repair, Maintenance Overhead Line Streetlight, Overhauling of Vertical Turbine Pumps, Overhauling & Repairs of Compton make Florenza Spring Motor 11KV. 1250 KW AC, Overhauling of D M plant 4 Softener Plant 4 Dunking Water Plant, Overhauling 4 Servicing of Pun Discharge Valve Hydraulic System, Overhauling of Cooling Tower LOTUS System, Overhauling 4 Annual Monotonically of Chemical Dosing Pumps for Boiler, Overhauling 4 Re-Com misinforming nf WIL make 1750 kg Centrifugal Machine. #*. 50 Kg. P. P Bags, Kail Lime (Ra) asthan), Bright Yellow Sulfur, Process Chemicals 5) Caustic Soda 4 Washing Soda, Heavy Chemicals, Phosphoric Acid, PH Booster, Ready Mixed Sugar Slurry, Mud Settling Agent, Mill Sanitation Chemicals, Hydrogen Peroxide, Anti historical, Hydrochloric Acid, ETP Culture, General 4 Salutatory Material, Lab Apparatus, Lab Chemicals, Lab Instruments, Hand Carts 4 Rad Polymer Wheels, Nickel Screen 22) Brass Liners 4 Wire Settings 23) Cleaning Equipments, Conveyors Belt, HOPE Tent, Bamboo, Bamboo Mats, Nylon Wins Rope, Cane Cutting Harvesting Knifes, Baler Twine (Nylon Binding Wire), MRF Tyree. (Size - 8.00 x 19 4 9 X 16).
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 17889685
Closing Date 15 - May - 2016  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Simplex / Duplex Chains & Chain Spares, Scrapper / Trash Plate, RBC & Rack Carrier Chains & Spares, Cane unloader Spares for Crane, Refractory Materials, Welding Rods (Addor / Dif fusion), Welding Materials, M. S. Nut & Bolts GKW / Kito Make, HT. Nut & Bolts GKW / Kito Make, S. S. Tube / S. S. Pipe & Fitting, M. S. Pipe & Pipe Fitting (Zenith/Tata Make), Iron & Steel, General Stores, Tube Cleaning Equipments, M. S. Slip-on Flanges, Screw Type Pump Spares, Kirloskar / KSB / Sintech Make Pump Spares, Rubber Goods, C. L./ C. S. Valves Kirloskar / Leader /Thorat Make, G.M. Valve Leader Make, Ferolite Make Jointing & Packing, Centrifugal Machine Spares (W)L /NHEC), Mechanical Seals, Oil Seals/ Rubber Bushes, Fenner Make Rubber 'T' Belt, C. L Coupling, Cotton Waste, Cane Levller & Chopper Knife, Boiler Gauge Spares, Tools & Tackles, Steel Wire Rope, General Lighting Materials, Siemens Make Switch Gears Spares, L&T Make Switchgear Spares, Electrical Motor Spares, Copper/ AllUu. Armored Cable, Instruments C/F Automation Spares, SKF Ball & Roller Bearing, Berger Make Paints, Oil and Lubricants, Wooden Connecting Rods Strips for Hopper, Fibrizor Hammer Tips, Pressure Gauges, Sulphur Burner, Sugar Grader 30TPH, Batch Type Centrifugal Machine 1750.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value Rs. 2 Million / 20 Lakh
Location Chhattisgarh - India Ref.No 17771704
Closing Date 04 - May - 2016  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of tyre / tubes for tractor trolley and JCB machine. #*. Supply of capdal powder, lime, phenyl, broom, tokna, harpic, dhamela etc. #*. Supply of construction materials – bricks, ballast, sand, cement, dust etc. #*. Supply of electrical items for road lighting arrangements and over bridge. #*. other different zonal work. #*. Cleaning work different zones. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Sector Sugar Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 17782513
Closing Date 04 - May - 2016  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
For supply of following materials and repairing works- roller reselling (lotous type), trash plates, scrapper plates, chain spares and slats, stacker chain & spares, cane cutting knives, hammer tips imco make, mill bearings phosperbronz., g,m.bushings (with material/ Labour charges), nut bolts and draw bolts for mill section, c.s. bracket, nut bolt, square-shaft, cidoor, tail-bar, coupling, flanges. c.s.bearing, fabricated drum, rail wheel, mill crown pinion, cj.sf'ur gear, chain repairing work, pump coating work, lovjoy coupling, spring, g.p.welding rod, boiler bricks, castable refractory, fire cement, mud filter spears, m.s.plates, ciiekared plate, tube cleaning equipment, rubber spares, durance make water gauge glass assembly, mill hydraulic piping repairing work, aviloverhauling, ultrasonic #*. testing, balancing and repairing, vessel cranes testing and examining, v.f.d. maintenance contract, d.m.plants maintenance contract, 1750 walchannagar c/f machine panel board amc etc.
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