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>> State - Maharashtra
Sector Recreational Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 13310736
Closing Date 21 - Mar - 2015 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of Building material- Sand bags, aac blocks, fixo block, bricks, metal, greet powder,/cement- OPC/PPC/ ready Mix concrete-M15 to M30,/Steel-Fe 500 Tor.Tata, Sail/ Marble- Granite, Kota, kadappa, wall & flooring materials/Plumbing & sanitary material- C pvc astral, SWR Pvc Prince, PVC Super, pipes & fittings, toilet bathroom Parryware Ceramics & CP fittings, SS sinks Nirali./Painting material-Birla/JK course/ Rough Putty, Birla/ JK fine Putty./Electrical material-Precision pipes & fitting, FRLS wires, Cables, cat 6, cat 5 Cables, Legrand Switch, Sockets, boxes, plates, MCB, MCCB, db,Celling Fan, Tube lights, LED lights, LED street lights, Lug Gland, Erthing materials./plywood- century Plywood, general ISI Anti Terminated plywood, flush doors waterproof pine ISI, Laminateds , Salwood, BTC, teak wood, Fevical./ Hardware materials- doors fittings, jolly/ yamha hingesh, AAI JI Aldrops, Tadi, Jolly Towr bolts, Dreemz 'H' handles, Godrage Locks,Cillo Premium Drawer Channels, M4 champion Magnet, Nails, Honda screw, Grip.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value INR 28.26 Lakhs approx.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 13268104
Closing Date 17 - Mar - 2015 Login to View Tender Details
Procurement Of Chemical Bonded Castable Refractory For Unit No 2 Aoh At Khaperkheda Tps
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 13252909
Closing Date 13 - Mar - 2015 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of Material - Stationer, Printing, Electrical, Health department, Flooring, Bricks, JCB, Roller, Tipper, Sand, Cresh Metal, Fitting material, Bliching Powder, Zerox Copy. #*. Fixing & Repairing of Street Light. #*. Construction & Repairing of Sewer Line, Road. #*. Febrication & Welding work. #*. Provide of Security Guard, worker, Driver. #*. Collection of Weekly Market Fees.(Scanned Image - Marathi Tender)
Sector Power Plant Tender Value INR 63.66 Lakhs
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 13172383
Closing Date 11 - Mar - 2015 Login to View Tender Details
Procurement of safety Flurescent hand lamps at EM-2.#*. Procurement of DE & NDE Side bearing housings Along with Spares of P.A. Fan motor at unit-4 & 5 EM-2 TPS -V.#*.Supply of Air cooler. #*. AMC of servicing, Repairs & Maintenance of Indoor & Outdoor air conditioners as per schedule at EM-2, TPS. #*. Providing & fixing of GI sheets to all conveyor roofs in CHP stage-lll, TPS. #*. Supply of Clinker Grinder Gear box for U # 4 & 5 BM-ll. #*. Work contract for Internal Inspection & gasket replacement of Naikota, NEC make 3.0 MVA, 33/07 KV transformers installed at Naikota EM-ll TPS.#*.Work contract for attending oil leakage of unit-5 Unit Auxiliary transformer through 'R' phase LV bushing at EM-ll, TPS. #*.AMC for wagon tippler weighbridges of unit-3/4/5 CHP & 30T Road weighbridge at TPS. #*.Supply of sand for gravity fitter of unit No. 3,4,5 & Pressure sand filter in DM plant at TPS-ll. #*.Supply of Special castable Refractory for BM-ll at TPS. #*. Contract for instalation to deaerator, FST vent condenser etc with plastring by CAT-9 cement at unit-4,5 TM-lll, TPS. #*. Supply of Sodiam silicate for attending coal leackages at BM-ll. #*.Work of Servicing of ID/FD/PA fans, Burner Tilt & Air Heaters of Unit No.4 during Overhaul at BM-ll TPS. #*.Annual Comprehensive maintenance contract for administrative building lift & unit # 5 Boiler lift at EM-ll TPS. #*. Annual contract for providing service ofr various lift operation installed at EM-NPTPS. #*. Annual work contract for preparation of environmental statement/ work of expert services for daily monitoring & maintaining the outlet quality, collection & analysis of solid waste/ sludge, ash, coal samples, various water sample at TPS; work of stack, ESP & Ambient air Quality monitoring with addistional parameter like Pb, CO, NH3 & SO2 monitoring & allied environmental parameter monitoring activites in all stack of unit no.3 to 5 at TPS. #*.Work of Rewinding & rotors repairing of HT motors at CHP NPTPS. #*.Annual work contract for servicing & maintenance work of both 130/30 T EOT cranes at TM-NPTPS.#*.Work of attending flue gas duct leakages at ESP inlet of AB & CD pass of U-4 during AOH at BM-llTPS. #*.Annual maintenance contract for servicing of motorized valve actuator, LIMIT Swich assembly setting & Trial at TIC-ll, TPS. #*. work of Replacement of liner inside common ash slurry tank, ash flushing nozzle system fabrication & erection in AHP, Replacement of wom out pipeline of FATP area & in pump house of U-4 during AOH at BM-ll, TPS. #*. Annual maintenance contract for servicing & maintenance of KONE make Boiler lift of unit-6 & 7 at EM NPTPS. #*. Work of OFF line super cleaning of Turbine Oil & On line Super cleaning of FRF control Oil during U # 7 & U #6 AOH at TM NPTPS. #*.Work of Attending of coal Leakages of unit-4 at BM-ll, TPS. #*. Work of various High pressure welding joints & online leakage attending at U # 6 & U # 7, TM-NPTPS. #*.AMC for ESP servicing in 250 MW Units at BM-NPTPS. #*.Fabrication, erection & Replacement of water distribution header of CT Fan unit-5 size 800 mm to 1000 mm at TM-ll, TPS. #*.work contract for welding & gas cutting work for installation of street light fixures with junction Boxes & installtion of 125 W HPMV fixtures at various location & other miscellaneous work at 210 MW TPS.#*.Amc for the work of servicing of dampers & duct patching in U-4 & 5 Dyuring short shut-down at BM-ll TPS. #*.Work of providing GS & Air line tappings to U-4 bunker choke up removal at BM-ll TPS. #*.Medical check up of Employees of TPS & NPTPS. #*.Work of fabrication erection & replacement of MSERW pipeline, bends and system valves during running unit, short shutdown or AOH at TM-NPTPS. #*.Annual maintenance contract of Siemens make step7 PLC system & HMI in CHP Unit 6 & 7, NPTPS. #*. Rewinding of LT Motor s rating from 85 KW to 160 KW at AHP EMT unit 6 & 7 NPTPS. #*. Work of shifting of material from section stores to site & vice versa & miscellaneous work at EMT NPTPS. #*. Work of repair / Reconditioning of coal burner Nozzle & Tip in unit- 6 & 7 BM-NPTPS.
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tender Value INR 2 Lakhs
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 13300829
Closing Date 07 - Mar - 2015 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of Material - Metal, Steel, Sand, Murum, Cement, Bricks, Bitumen for Grampanchayat Kochewahi.
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